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Claire Tomlin (soprano)

'Haydn and his English Friends' (CDA67150)
Haydn and his English Friends
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'Nativity' (CDA67443)
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'Vital Spark of Heav'nly Flame' (CDA67020)
Vital Spark of Heav'nly Flame
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'While shepherds watched' (CDH55325)
While shepherds watched
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Angelic hymns thy natal day  Extract of Ode for Christmas (Cooke)
Angels from the realms of glory (Storace/Williams)
Give to God our thankful songs (Haydn/Gardiner)
Hark! the herald angels sing (Arnold)
How beauteous are their feet 'Zion' (Matthews)
How oft, instinct with warmth divine (Haydn)
In Bethlem fields as shepherds kept 'Hymn for Christmas Day' (Tremain)
Maker of all! be thou my guard (Haydn)
Ode for Christmas (Cooke)
Spirit, leave thine house of clay! (Fawcett)
Strike! Seraphs, strike your harps of gold 'A New Christmas Piece' (Fawcett)
The Lord is risen (Wainwright)
The people that walked in darkness 'An Anthem' (Hill)
Vital spark of heav'nly flame (Harwood)
What art expresses 'Dr Harington's Compliment' (Haydn)
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