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Psalmody was founded in 1996 specially for the first recording of Georgian Christmas music, While shepherds watched (Hyperion CDA66924). It has since made three more recordings for Hyperion, has appeared in York and Edinburgh and made a live BBC broadcast that was heard all over the European Broadcasting Union. It is the resident choir for the Suffolk Villages Festival, and recently gave the first modern performance of the early version of Bach’s St Matthew Passion.

'Christmas through the ages' (NOEL1)
Christmas through the ages
NOEL1  Super-budget price sampler — Download only  
'Fairest Isle' (CDA67115)
Fairest Isle
Buy by post £13.99 (ARCHIVE SERVICE) CDA67115  Archive Service  
'Haydn and his English Friends' (CDA67150)
Haydn and his English Friends
Buy by post £13.99 (ARCHIVE SERVICE) CDA67150  Archive Service   Download currently discounted
'Nativity' (CDA67443)
Buy by post £10.50 CDA67443 
'Vital Spark of Heav'nly Flame' (CDA67020)
Vital Spark of Heav'nly Flame
Buy by post £13.99 (ARCHIVE SERVICE) CDA67020  Archive Service   Download currently discounted
'While shepherds watched' (CDH55325)
While shepherds watched
Buy by post £13.99 (ARCHIVE SERVICE) CDH55325  Helios (Hyperion's budget label) — Archive Service  
'The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 2' (HYP20)
The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 2
HYP20  2CDs Super-budget price sampler — Deleted  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed? (Taylor)
Alfred (Arne)
Angels from the realms of glory (Matthews)
Arise and hail the sacred day 'A Carol' (Stephenson)
As shepherds watched their fleecy care (Key)
Blest be the name of Jacob's God (Haydn)
Christ being raised from the dead (Jarvis)
Christians, awake, salute the happy morn 'A Hymn for Christmas Day' (Wainwright/Goodwin)
Come celebrate th' auspicious morn 'A Carol' (Key)
Cranbrook (Clark)
Georgia (Handel/Miller)
Give to God our thankful songs (Haydn/Gardiner)
Hark! how all the welkin rings (Anon/Butts)
Hark! the herald angels sing  First line to Georgia (Handel/Miller)
Hark! What mean those holy voices? (Anon)
Horrible is the end of th' unrighteous generation (Smith)
How beauteous are their feet 'Zion' (Matthews)
I heard a voice from heaven (Harington)
In Bethlem fields as shepherds kept 'Hymn for Christmas Day' (Tremain)
Joy to the world 'Comfort' (Anon/Rider)
Let an anthem of praise (Anon/Ashworth)
Lo! He comes with clouds descending (Madan/Miller/Wesley)
Long life shall Israel's king behold (Haydn)
My God, my King, with joyful view (Shield)
Now is Christ risen from the dead (Fawcett)
O come, all ye faithful (Anon/Novello)
O let me in th' accepted hour (Haydn)
Rejoice the Lord is king! (Handel/Wesley)
Rule, Britannia  Song of Alfred (Arne)
Some talk of Alexander and some of Hercules  First line to The British Grenadiers (Anon)
Spirit, leave thine house of clay! (Fawcett)
Strike! Seraphs, strike your harps of gold 'A New Christmas Piece' (Fawcett)
Tell us, O women 'Dialogue Hymn' (Burney)
The branch, the mighty branch behold 'Nativity' (Marsh)
The British Grenadiers (Anon)
The God of Gods, the Lord, hath call'd (Foster)
The Lord is risen (Wainwright)
The Lord, th' almighty monarch, spake (Haydn)
The people that walked in darkness 'An Anthem' (Hill)
There were shepherds abiding in the field (Jarman)
This is the day the Lord hath made (Greatorex)
Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb (Handel/Miller)
Vengeance, O come inspire me!  Act 2, Aria from Alfred (Arne)
When Britain first at heaven's command  First line to Rule, Britannia, Song of Alfred (Arne)
Where, Lord, shall I my refuge see? (Webbe Sr.)
While shepherds watched their flocks by night  First line to Cranbrook (Clark)
While shepherds watched their flocks by night (Beesly)
While shepherds watched their flocks by night (Foster)
Yes! the Redeemer rose (Taylor)
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