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Track(s) taken from CDA67169
Recording details: December 1999
St George's, Brandon Hill, United Kingdom
Produced by Mark Brown
Engineered by Tony Faulkner
Release date: November 2000
Total duration: 1 minutes 52 seconds

'Played with a controlled panache that adds extra fizz to the music’s already infectious gaiety' (Classic FM Magazine)

'The Gaudier Ensemble regularly wins rave reviews here and elsewhere. This disc easily sustains their reputation as ideal in every way. Sad must be the soul who would not be enchanted by this release' (Fanfare, USA)

'A constant delight' (Hi-Fi News)

Eisele- und Beisele Sprünge-Polka, Op 202
February 1847

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As for the curiously titled Eisele- und Beisele- Sprünge (‘Eisele and Beisele Leaps’), it celebrates a pair of newspaper cartoon characters, Baron Beisele and his steward Dr Eisele, who were introduced in early 1846 in the Munich comic paper Fliegende Blätter. The newspaper had the idea of sending the cartoon characters on a tour, and in November 1846 this took them to Vienna. The publicity and interest created were phenomenal, and the two characters might as well have been real-life celebrities. Their images were created in marzipan and porcelain, and theatrical burlesques and balls were put on in their honour. It was for one of the latter at the Odeon ballroom in Vienna in February 1847 that Strauss composed this jolly polka, whose bouncy phrases suggest the leaps of the title.

from notes by Andrew Lamb © 2000

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