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Track(s) taken from CDA67576
Recording details: January 2006
St John's College Chapel, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Produced by Mark Brown
Engineered by Julian Millard
Release date: October 2006
Total duration: 6 minutes 40 seconds

'David Hill's Advent programme imaginatively mingles antiphons, carols, hymns and motets. Favourites alternate with relative rarities such as Edward Naylor's Vox dicentis: Clama, whose sumptuous sonorities unfold gloriously in the chapel's acoustic … the John's choir, fielding what sounds like a vintage crop of trebles, sings throughout with its trademark mixture of refinement and gutsy energy' (The Daily Telegraph)

'This recording holds some of the most exquisite choral singing I have ever heard. They must be one of the finest choirs in England. Not only is the technical standard dazzlingly high, but the readings are engaging, animated and sensitively shaped' (American Record Guide)

'Blend, balance, intonation and diction are all unfailingly top-drawer, and the choir's unanimity of phrasing and dynamic shading come across as something quite special … both engineering and annotation are well up to the same standard' (Fanfare, USA)

'This is a very fine disc indeed … the overall impression with which I’m left is one of great satisfaction and pleasure. The programme has been assembled with great imagination and the execution is well nigh flawless. When one adds in excellent and very atmospheric sound, first rate notes and texts and translations, it all adds up to a very distinguished package indeed. I shall be surprised if I encounter a finer CD of Christmas music this year' (MusicWeb International)

Lullay my liking
author of text
A Medieval Anthology, edited by Mary Segar (1915)

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Lullay my liking by Francis Pott (born 1957) is a carol written specifically for St John’s. Pott is known both as a pianist and a composer, in particular of choral music—his oratorio A song on the end of the world, for example—as well as music for organ such as his Passion Symphony Christus. Lullay my liking was first heard in the Advent Sunday service in 2004 and is dedicated to David Hill and his wife Alice. The composer has written that the carol ‘seeks to evoke a plausibly medieval sensibility, to match the words, whilst also remaining detectably of its own time’. This is achieved partly through Pott’s retention of the text’s verse and refrain structure with solos and duets alternating with the full choir. The music surges to a climax as the angels sing of the birth of the Christ Child, then slowly fades with the words set against hushed humming, until finally everything comes full circle with the return of the music of the opening.

from notes by Andrew Burn © 2006

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