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Hyperion Records

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Track(s) taken from CDA67577
Recording details: January 2006
Eugene McDermott Concert Hall, Morton H Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas, USA
Produced by Paul Spicer
Engineered by Andrés Villalta
Release date: August 2006
Total duration: 2 minutes 28 seconds

'As we have come to expect from Christopher Herrick and Hyperion everything is done to the highest standard. The varied and exciting programme is convincingly played, making full use of the extensive tonal spread of the organ, whilst the accompanying programme notes are both comprehensive and interesting … another fine organ firework display, which I'm certain readers will enjoy' (Cathedral Music)

'Christopher Herrick is his usual inimitable self, combing a sense of fun with a spontaneous grandeur which is at times, totally arresting. The listener is also regaled with the impressive sound of the Lay Family Organ in Dallas, Texas, a 4535-pipe monster. Volume XII please?' (

'Some wonderful pieces to hear … the rich sounding recording makes the most of the fireworks' (Essex Chronicle)

Festive Trumpet Tune

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Composers of organ music have tended to highlight the instrument’s more colourful registers, and the trumpet stop has been an inspiration since at least the eighteenth century, when John Stanley and his contemporaries wrote movements for it. By the end of the nineteenth century, the mildly voiced trumpets of the Baroque organ had been supplanted by heavy-pressure examples, and these created a vogue for pieces in which their stentorian tones are heard against the rest of the organ. The Festive Trumpet Tune of David German (b1954), an American composer, belongs to this tradition and was written for the composer’s wedding. Its form is basically AABA plus a coda, the B section being in the relative minor (D minor), the coda featuring a key-shift up a semitone, from the F major of the A sections to the sparkle of F sharp major.

from notes by Relf Clark © 2006

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