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Hyperion Records

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Phoenix. A glass window specially designed, made and photographed by Malcolm Crowthers.
Track(s) taken from CDS44461/7
Recording details: December 1996
Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, France
Produced by John Hayward-Warburton
Engineered by Ken Blair
Release date: September 1999
Total duration: 4 minutes 56 seconds

The eighte pavian, BK17
Nevell (No 23). [Neighbour, ‘Pavan a4’ p 187]

Introduction  EnglishFrançais
Here is a work which, like the seventh Nevell pavan, appears to have no galliard. It is characterised by a use of particularly rich chords. The more rapid ornamental decorations in the varied repeats are almost always confined to the right hand, filigree work that never distracts from the fundamental seriousness of the composition. It is a ‘16-bar’ work, running to 96 semibreves. Although the work is in the A minor Aeolian mode, its three strains start on the contrasting chords of E major, F major and C major.

During the first strain a melody rises up a fourth several times, slowly from B to E over two bars, then faster from C to F in one bar, and finally even faster up to G in half a bar. The phrase thus gets higher and faster at the same time, before a long sinking phrase brings the melody to rest even lower than where it started. The rhythmic compression and the comparative pitching of these opening phrases is typical of the whole piece, where the whole is considerably more than the sum of the parts. The start of the second strain is built on a duet between soprano and tenor that then turns round letting the tenor lead the soprano for the remainder (with the alto joining in). Byrd here introduces some particularly expressive harmonies. All these elements come together in the third strain; the harmonies are even more pungent, the imitations are at an even closer distance, and the varied harmonic rhythm deliberately slows down.

from notes by Davitt Moroney © 1999

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