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The Virgin and Child enthroned, with Four Angels by Quentin Massys (1464/5-1530)
Reproduced by permission of The Trustees, The National Gallery, London
Track(s) taken from CDH55374
Recording details: March 1992
Westminster Cathedral, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Mark Brown
Engineered by Antony Howell
Release date: October 1992
Total duration: 32 minutes 9 seconds

'Wonderfully fresh and intelligently paced performances from a choir who can make 16th-century polyphony sound the most natural in the world' (Gramophone)

'The choir is outstanding in tone, precision, and rhythmic stability, and the engineering is stunning' (Fanfare, USA)

'Les voix sont magnifiques et l'équilibre vocal tend vers la perfection' (Répertoire, France)

Missa Pange lingua
? after 1514; based on the Corpus Christi plainchant Hymn; 4vv
author of text
Ordinary of the Mass

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The Tallis Scholars, Peter Phillips (conductor)
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Plainchant lies at the heart of the Missa Pange lingua, but in this case the foundation melody, the Corpus Christi Hymn ‘Pange lingua gloriosi’, has been so thoroughly absorbed into Josquin’s music that only the sharp-eared will be alert to its presence. Where many Masses based on chant keep the parent melody in the foreground, Josquin instead uses its contours to govern only the progress of the melodic lines, with all manner of infilling and rhythmic elaboration added to camouflage its essential shape. Possibly the appeal of the work to modern audiences—it is Josquin’s most performed Mass—lies precisely in the way its variety and unity are kept in equilibrium: for all the music’s richness of invention, everything is contained within clearly perceptible bounds of possibility. Only the very opening of the Hymn melody stubbornly retains its identity: it sets each of the five movements in motion, and sometimes recurs at major structural divisions in the text: at ‘Qui tollis peccata mundi’ in the Gloria, for example, ‘Crucifixus’ in the Credo, and at the head of all three invocations of the Agnus Dei.

from notes by John Milsom © 1992

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