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Singing Angels by Jan van Eyck (c1389-1441)
[from the left wing of the altarpiece at St Bavo’s Cathedral, Ghent] / Bridgeman Art Library, London
Track(s) taken from CDA67183
Recording details: January 2000
St Andrew's Church, Toddington, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Produced by Mark Brown
Engineered by Tony Faulkner
Release date: September 2001
Total duration: 4 minutes 41 seconds

'This fascinating and compelling CD gives us a rare chance to explore genuine compositions by Josquin alongside several of disputed authorship' (BBC Music Magazine)

'Superb' (Early Music)

Inter natos mulierum
doubtful attribution
author of text
Matthew 11: 11; John 1: 6

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The authorship of the motet for St John the Baptist, Inter natos mulierum, has been disputed by scholars for decades. Though it is ascribed to Josquin in two of its three sources, none of these antedates the 1530s, and its full, sumptuous texture, lacking the clearly sectionalised musical architecture generally associated with Josquin, could support a date not much earlier than its first surviving copy. But whoever composed it, no one who hears this glorious piece, soaked in the resplendent sonorities that only five or more voices can afford, can doubt that it is fully deserving of a regular place in the repertory.

from notes by Andrew Kirkman © 2001

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