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Landscape with a Circular Temple by Hendrik van Lint (1684-1763)
Sotheby’s Picture Library
Track(s) taken from CDD22069
Recording details: March 1998
Henry Wood Hall, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Oliver Rivers
Engineered by Tony Faulkner
Release date: January 1999
Total duration: 28 minutes 12 seconds

'This repertoire has been recorded by some world-famous artists in the past, but no performances have given me as much pleasure as these. A real treat' (BBC Music Magazine)

'An oustanding pair of discs' (The Daily Telegraph)

'The most sensitive reportage that these works have enjoyed since the advent of digital recording' (The Independent)

'A remarkably gifted young ensemble who bring classical elegance to these glorious works' (Classic CD)

'[A] startlingly good debut' (The Scotsman)

'Here is the finest string ensemble in Britain' (Daily Mail)

'One of the best and most beautiful ensembles to emerge blinking into the sunlight from London's conservatoires in recent years' (The Evening Standard)

String Trio in G major, Op 9 No 1
by March 1798

Presto  [5'07]

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The opening of Trio No 1 in G major is based on arpeggio statements followed by rather fussy semiquaver twisting scales; these latter are picked up for discussion before becoming adopted as the opening subject of the Allegro con brio. Their development as a four-note motif occupies much of the remaining material and has been cited as the musical expression of the philosopher Hegel’s theory that great events in life or history frequently arise through the natural consequences of the apparently inauspicious. The writing of the slow second movement in the far from orthodox submediant major (E) is, however, at odds with such an idea, and the whole work is perhaps especially rich in those very surprises which may have upset Viennese audiences. There are many doubts concerning the second Trio of the Scherzo movement (Hess 28) because it was excluded from the early editions.

from notes by Stephen Daw © 1998

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