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The Leipzig Thomaspforte (c1790) by an unknown artist
AKG London
Track(s) taken from CDH55373
Recording details: November 2000
St Jude-on-the-Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Ben Turner
Engineered by Philip Hobbs
Release date: May 2001
Total duration: 9 minutes 36 seconds

'Charming music from one of Bach’s 17th-century predecessors as Kantor of the Thomaskirche, Leipzig. Strongly recommended' (Gramophone)

'The choral blending is fresh, vital and alert, with particularly alluring contributions from the soprano voices. The big brass arsenal is arresting and provides an effective foil for the more contemplative pieces. Thanks, King and Co' (BBC Music Magazine)

'This important recording is fine proof of Schelle’s imagination and invention … Robert King should be congratulated for an outstanding espousal of another of Bach’s forebears' (Early Music Review)

'I feel unusually evangelical about this new disc. Its riches are thrillingly overt: the music radiates a glowingly optimistic sense of spirituality comparable with the most outgoing of Bach’s later cantatas' (International Record Review)

'The man who is gifting this superlative disc to his friends is doing them the greatest favor imaginable. It contains an absolute treasure trove whose only common denominator is the high quality throughout every one of these nine works … King's fervent espousal of Schelle's marvelous music is apparent in every bar of this flawless disc' (Fanfare, USA)

'The King’s Consort are on top form throughout. Highly recommended' (The Organ)

'Anyone who has yet to investigate King's indispensable 'Bach's Contemporaries' should rectify the omission without a moment's further ado. Start with this treasure of a disc, then investigate the Kuhnau, Knüpfer and Zelenka. By that time you'll be ready to get down onto your knees and pray for further additions to the series' (Goldberg)

Herr, lehre uns bedenken
author of text
for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

Introduction  EnglishFrançaisDeutsch
The cantata Herr, lehre uns bedenken (‘Lord, teach us to remember’) was written for the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity; its text alludes to the part of the gospel which tells the story of the young man of Nain who was raised from the dead, and links this to reflections about the writer’s own death. Schelle’s musical setting of this libretto possesses an extraordinary charm. By using only three voices and three instruments the work gains a chamber-music-like intimacy whose distinctive sound is created by the scordatura of the string instruments tuned in E flat major. To the two levels of the cantata text (bible quotation and free verse) Schelle adds another layer: he quotes chorale stanzas in the instrumental ritornelli. In the first ritornello after the introductory tutti, the violin plays the chorale ‘Christus, der ist mein Leben’ (‘Christ is my life’), whereas the gamba begins the song ‘Wenn mein Stündlein vorhanden ist’ (‘When my hour has come’) after the first and fourth aria-stanza. After the second and third aria-stanza the violin and viola play the melodies of ‘Herzlich lieb hab ich dich, o Herr’ (‘Very dearly do I love you, O Lord’) and ‘Herzlich tut mich verlangen, nach einem sel’gen End’ (‘Very sincerely am I yearning for a blessed end’).

from notes by Peter Wollny © 2001
English: Viola Scheffel

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