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Track(s) taken from APR5661
Recording details: January 1952
Moscow, Russia
Release date: August 2008
Total duration: 21 minutes 31 seconds

Album pour enfants, Op 39

No 1 in G major: Prière du matin  [1'00]  recorded circa 1952
No 2 in D major: Le matin en hiver  [1'00]  recorded circa 1952
No 3 in D major: Le petit cavalier  [0'37]  recorded circa 1952
No 4 in G major: Maman  [0'59]  recorded circa 1952
No 5 in D major: Marche des soldats de bois  [0'44]  recorded circa 1952
No 6 in G minor: La poupée malade  [1'08]  recorded circa 1952
No 7 in C minor: Enterrement de la poupée  [1'22]  recorded circa 1952
No 8 in E flat major: Valse  [1'23]  recorded circa 1952
No 9 in B flat major: La nouvelle poupée  [0'30]  recorded circa 1952
No 10 in D minor: Mazurka  [0'57]  recorded circa 1952
No 11 in F major: Chanson russe  [0'24]  recorded circa 1952
No 12 in B flat major: Le paysan prélude  [0'31]  recorded circa 1952
No 14 in B flat major: Polka  [0'46]  recorded circa 1952
No 15 in D major: Chanson italienne  [0'46]  recorded circa 1952
No 16 in G minor: Mélodie antique française  [0'41]  recorded circa 1952
No 17 in E flat major: Chanson allemande  [0'48]  recorded circa 1952
No 18 in E flat major: Chanson napolitaine  [1'03]  recorded circa 1952
No 19 in C major: Conte de la vieille bonne  [0'53]  recorded circa 1952
No 20 in E minor: La sorcière 'Baba Yaga'  [0'41]  recorded circa 1952
No 21 in C major: Douce rêverie  [1'44]  recorded circa 1952
No 22 in G major: Chant de l'alouette  [0'47]  recorded circa 1952
No 23 in G major: L'orgue de barbarie  [0'45]  recorded circa 1952
No 24 in E minor: À l'église  [1'30]  recorded circa 1952

Introduction  EnglishFrançaisDeutsch
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Album for the Young, Op 39, is music for children to play. Schumann wrote his Album for the Young as a relaxation from labour on his opera Genoveva, and Tchaikovsky composed his in the wake of Eugene Onegin. Not a composer normally inspired by the piano, he could nearly always think of a good tune. Maman and the Waltz are respectively numbers 3 and 9 of the Album’s sequence of twenty-four pieces.

from notes by Max Harrison © 1986

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