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Hyperion Records

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Track(s) taken from CDA67441/2
Recording details: April 1998
Jerusalem Music Centre, Israel
Produced by Eric Wen
Engineered by Vadim Beili
Release date: March 2004
Total duration: 9 minutes 23 seconds

Scènes de la csárda No 9 'Czinka Panna nótája', Op 65

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Czinka Panna was the famous leader of a gypsy band in the late eighteenth century. Many traditional melodies are believed to be her invention. After a moderately paced introduction, the first, slow melody is played once only. A quicker interlude is performed first by the piano, then with passages for the violin. The second theme in the major key has two parts: the first is slower, while the second, in the relative minor, changes suddenly to a quick tempo with typical dotted rhythm. This exchange between the two parts repeats itself twice. The last, fast tune is also in two-part form. The variations on it use mainly modulations. In the second variation we hear a combination of bowed and plucked tones producing an interesting effect. The short and fast coda repeats the motif.

from notes by Amnon Shaham © 2004

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