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Mosaic of Christ Resurrected, St Mark’s, Venice.
Photographed by Malcolm Crowthers
Track(s) taken from CDA66114
Recording details: November 1983
Westminster Cathedral, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Mark Brown
Engineered by Antony Howell
Release date: April 1986
Total duration: 31 minutes 36 seconds

'One of my most cherished records … such poise and sensitivity … one of the best choral records of its kind currently available. I can recommend it without reservation' (Gramophone)

'gloriously performed … The Westminster Cathedral Choir sing with a fervour and passion that puts their Anglican colleagues in the shade in this repertoire' (The Good CD Guide)

'David Hill's direction breathes commitment and sheer love of this music' (The Times)

'My single most satisfying choral disc of the year … I cannot be dispassionate about this record: marvellous, natural, throaty, vivid singing … a must' (The Sunday Times)

'Exemplary' (Hi-Fi News)

Missa Ave maris stella
author of text
Ordinary of the Mass

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Victoria’s Mass on the Marian plainsong Hymn Ave maris stella is in G minor (transposed Dorian) and is contrapuntally elaborate. The minor key gives the music that ‘soulfulness’ with which Victoria is so associated, though this is only one aspect of the composer’s otherwise cheerful disposition. The Missa Ave maria stella has two Agnus Dei movements, the second of which has divided tenors. It also has two ‘Hosanna’ settings, the one after the Sanctus being unusual for Victoria in using the full words of the first verse of Ave maria stella in the tenor part to a version of the plainsong tune.

Victoria thus triumphantly asserts the basis of his Mass. This lovely work was first published in 1576 and then reprinted in the 1583 book which also contained the Missa O quam gloriosum.

from notes by Bruno Turner © 1984

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