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Hyperion Records

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Track(s) taken from CDH55175
Recording details: January 1989
St Barnabas's Church, North Finchley, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Andrew Keener
Engineered by Tim Handley
Release date: June 1989
Total duration: 10 minutes 21 seconds

'We have had to wait far too long for this first solo recording from Yitkin Seow, for he is an excellent pianist with a keen sense of style' (Gramophone)

'A generously filled anthology… consistent beauty of sound' (The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs)

Sports et divertissements

La chasse: Vif  [0'15]
La pêche: Calme  [0'37]
Le golf: Exalté  [0'30]
Le flirt: Agité  [0'22]

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In the year of 1915 Satie wrote those little masterpieces Sports et divertissements. Stravinsky had originally been asked to illustrate with music an album of sketches portraying various sports and recreations. He asked too large a fee and Satie was offered the commission. Although the sum was lower than Stravinsky’s, the unpredictable Satie thought it too high and felt insulted. In the end he was persuaded to accept the ignoble idea of making money from his art and produced twenty-one cameos picturing golf, hunting, fishing, swimming, yachting and so on. He worked very hard at them, paring down his initial ideas, simplifying continually, reducing the material to as small a compass as possible, and cutting out inessentials to achieve the bare, lithe style that was his ideal. He turned smallness into an asset and capitalized on the virtues of brevity. The Sports et divertissements celebrate the triumphant culmination of his art.

from notes by James Harding © 1989

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