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Hyperion Records

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Abbey Ruins at Oybin (c1823) by Carl Blechen (1798-1840)
Track(s) taken from CDA67495
Recording details: May 2004
Henry Wood Hall, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Ates Orga
Engineered by Ben Connellan
Release date: January 2005
Total duration: 7 minutes 26 seconds

'Lane's committment to, and affection for these difficult works is abundantly clear, and his playing is simply marvellous, bringing a kaleidoscopic range of colour and an utter solidity of technique that makes even the most taxing passages sound easy' (International Record Review)

'Piers Lane and Hyperion deserve praise for bringing this unjustly neglected genius to our attention with such a delightful recording' (Classic FM Magazine)

'Piers Lane plays Henselt with the exceptional tact that marks his previous endeavours. There's no lack of acrobatic thrill; but even in the most bravura numbers, he manages to draw out the musical substance as well. His ability to separate lines—to coax the melodic core from all the ornamentation and elaboration—is especially welcome in some of the potentially heavy-breathing etudes here, works that can readily turn to clatter in less dexterous hands. Add to this Davis's scrupulous notes and Hyperion's unimpeachable sound, and you have a strong release. Warmly recommended' (Fanfare, USA)

'As in his recent CD of Moscheles for the same label, Lane has all the executive answers to these constantly—and sometimes extravangantly—demanding pieces, thoroughly characterising every idea, pianistic or musical' (International Piano)

Poème d'amour 'Andante et étude concertante in B major', Op 3

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