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The Harvesters (c1882) by Hans Brasen (1849-1930)
Fine Art Photographic Library
Track(s) taken from CDH55132
Recording details: June 1992
St Martin's Church, East Woodhay, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Produced by John H West
Engineered by Mark Edwards
Release date: September 2002
Total duration: 20 minutes 24 seconds

'Scharwenka could not have been better served. He deserves no less' (International Record Review)

'The recorded sound has all the freshness needed for this music' (Pianist)

Romanzero, Op 33

Adagio  [3'39]
Vivace  [4'10]
Allegro  [4'55]

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Composed in 1877 and dedicated to Brahms, Scharwenka’s Romanzero Op 33 (he used the same title for his Opp 59 and 64—Neuer Romanzero) is in the nature of a fantasy in four movements. The dramatic scherzo-like first movement is followed by a rather contemplative Adagio, which serves as an intermezzo leading to the third movement. Here, after the opening Vivace, the theme from the Adagio appears again in a slightly varied form. Scharwenka’s partiality to dance forms is more evident in the last movement which, after a short introductory passage, seems to suggest a polonaise. The work resolves itself in the tonic major and comes to a peaceful conclusion.

from notes by Martin Eastick © 2002

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