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Hyperion Records

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Track(s) taken from CDH55134
Recording details: October 1995
Forde Abbey, Somerset, United Kingdom
Produced by John H West
Engineered by John Timperley
Release date: September 2003
Total duration: 14 minutes 10 seconds

'… brimful with alert character and beauty whilst the two piano pieces are delightful in their raucous melodies … briliantly done by Tanyel' (

Drei Klavierstücke, Op 86

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Although Scharwenka lived until 1924, it is quite clear that he, along with many others of his time, had no interest in the major cultural changes that were taking place in the early years of the twentieth century. His 3 Klavierstücke Op 86 (Nocturne, Serenade, Märchen), which were published in 1913, underline this fact, although they give no indication of any lessening in his creative powers. His melodic ideas are as fresh and strong as ever, and especially in the Nocturne and in the Märchen (Fairy-Tale) there is more than just a passing reference to Franz Liszt. Scharwenka here seems to re-affirm his commitment to the musical ideals of the nineteenth century, and to a world in which he was perfectly at home, and where he was honoured with the respect he deserved.

from notes by Martin Eastick © 1995

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