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The Last Judgement by Rogier van der Weyden (1399-1464)
Hôtel-Dieu, Beaune, France / Photograph © Paul M. R. Maeyaert, Etikhove-Maarkedal, Belgium
Track(s) taken from CDGIM026
Recording details: Unknown
Salle Church, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Produced by Steve C Smith & Peter Phillips
Engineered by Mike Clements & Mike Hatch
Release date: September 1992
Total duration: 16 minutes 47 seconds

Magnificat secundi toni
author of text
Luke 1: 46b-55

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Brumel’s Second Tone Magnificat is a through-composed setting, where most would have alternated chant and polyphony. Its compositional style is surprisingly close to that of the twelve-part Mass, except that the chant is stated mainly in the top part in embellished form. Brumel here again relied on rhythmical sequences, at times almost baroque in their vitality, which give an interesting perspective, in four parts, to the astonishing twelve-part music of the Mass.

from notes by Peter Phillips © 1992

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