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Santa Maria Magdalena Penitent (detail) ((c1576)) by Doménikos Theotokópoulos (El Greco) (1541-1614)
Museu de Monserrat, Barcelona
Track(s) taken from CDGIM031
Recording details: Unknown
Salle Church, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Produced by Steve C Smith & Peter Phillips
Engineered by Philip Hobbs
Release date: September 1997
Total duration: 3 minutes 29 seconds

'The Tallis Scholars are on superb form, the overall sound vibrant and immediate with solo sections (such as the Benedictus) providing contrast through a more introspective approach. Even if you've never heard of Lobo, or have never bought a CD of late-Renaissance polyphony before, try this one—you'll be bowled over' (Gramophone)

Quam pulchri sunt gressus tui
author of text
Song of Songs

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Quam pulchri sunt gressus tui has an obscure genesis which seems to celebrate the legend of the Blessed Virgin Mary visiting Toledo Cathedral in ad666, when she appeared to Bishop St Ildefonso. At any rate the text is unique: the first sentence comes from the Song of Songs, the second from the Feast of the Descent as it was presented locally in Toledo up to the end of the nineteenth century.

from notes by Peter Phillips © 1997

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