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Hyperion Records

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Photo of Clifton Suspension Bridge by Mat Connolley
Track(s) taken from 1EMIPM08
Recording details: August 2008
Victoria Rooms, Bristol, United Kingdom
Produced by Jonathan Scott
Engineered by Jonathan Scott
Release date: December 2013
Total duration: 9 minutes 41 seconds

Blue Frenzy

Toccata  [9'41]

Toccata is a tour de force of driving energy, based on some wild jazz-infused harmony and a few simple cells of melodic material which are explored and developed over a 9-minute period: technically demanding, mentally strenuous, the music's energy is regulated until the final release in the last section, where all the thematic fragments converge, and uninterrupted momentum is achieved. Two passages call for the use of the middle "sostenuto" pedal, which sustains only selected notes and leaves all others dry.

from notes by 1equalmusic 2013

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