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Hyperion Records

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Photo of Clifton Suspension Bridge by Mat Connolley
Track(s) taken from 1EMIPM08
Recording details: August 2008
Victoria Rooms, Bristol, United Kingdom
Produced by Jonathan Scott
Engineered by Jonathan Scott
Release date: December 2013
Total duration: 3 minutes 4 seconds

'Highly listenable stuff, very deftly in control of its chosen medium. A number of disparate influences are on display here, but welded into an overall idiom of considerable charm … "Intensely pleasant music"? Most certainly' (International Record Review)

'This is a colorful and interesting set by a talented composer … the playing by Steven Kings is technically and emotionally perfect' (MusicWeb International)

'Are you going for piano triet brings this fine recording of interesting and evocative music to an exciting conclusion. As usual with Hyperion it is well recorded and it is all well worth listening to' (MusicWeb International) » More

Changes for 20 nifty fingers

Changes is a minimalistic counting duel for 20 nifty fingers. It starts with the skeleton of a short repeated phrase (in 14/8) which gradually fills out, and then moves through two enormously tricky sections in which the two pianists have overlapping bars of different lengths (14 and 15 quavers). The duet finally builds to a dramatic climax.

from notes by 1equalmusic 2013

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