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Hyperion Records

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Resting lamb and head of a lamb by Hans Holbein the Younger (c1497-1543)
Kunstmuseum, Basel / AKG-Images, London
Track(s) taken from CDGIM047
Recording details: Unknown
Merton College Chapel, Oxford, United Kingdom
Produced by Steve C Smith & Peter Phillips
Engineered by Philip Hobbs
Release date: October 2012
Total duration: 9 minutes 33 seconds

Ave Maria … virgo serena
author of text

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The ability to move from undemonstrative imitative writing to chords is on display in the last section of the substantial setting of Ave Maria … virgo serena, the chords coming where the name ‘Maria’ is invoked. Mouton underlines the gentleness of this idea by using a slow triple-time for Mary, immediately returning to duple for the remainder of the text.

from notes by Peter Phillips © 2012

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