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The head of Christ by An anonymous 12th-century Spanish artist
Track(s) taken from CDA67039
Recording details: January 1998
Boxgrove Priory, Chichester, United Kingdom
Produced by Martin Compton
Engineered by Philip Hobbs
Release date: October 1998
Total duration: 2 minutes 47 seconds

'A truly fascinating compilation' (Gramophone)

'If you value excellence wherever it is to be found, then this disc, in its quiet way, is a piece of perfection' (Classic CD)

'Highly recommended' (Fanfare, USA)

In salvatoris / Ce fu en tres douz tens / In veritate / VERITATEM
author of text

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The three lengthy texts of this four-voice work (one voice is untexted) may be paraphrased thus: [Quadruplum]: In the name of the saviour, let us be zealous in singing the praises of Mary. O lily, protectress of sinners, beseech your son that he remove all guilt. [Triplum]: In May, I went into an orchard and saw a beautiful girl listening to the birds singing. Then all the birds ceased and sat in a circle around her, and the nightingale sang: ‘Lady, I will die if I do not have your love.’ [Motetus]: Truth is buried among the clergy; the masters are puffed up with their own glory; O God of vengeance, look down upon this iniquity!

from notes by Christopher Page © 1998

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