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La Gloria by John Phillip (1817-1867)
National Gallery of Scotland
Track(s) taken from CDA67145
Recording details: August 1996
Unknown, Unknown
Produced by Tryggvi Tryggvason
Engineered by Tryggvi Tryggvason
Release date: June 1997
Total duration: 8 minutes 48 seconds

'There's plenty in this nicely-planned recital that's on a par with the celebrated Rhapsody and undeserving of present neglect' (Gramophone)

'Howard is chef, artist, minstrel and matador in this Spanish spectacle. You will be delighted by the sense of spaciousness and clarity in the recorded sound, and your paella is guaranteed to be more flavoursome with this exotic accompaniment' (Soundscapes, Australia)

La romanesca, S252a/ii
c1852; second version

La romanesca is a Spanish dance melody which used to be strangely ascribed to Italy in various Liszt catalogues. Liszt published his first elaboration of it as a ‘fameux air de danse du seizième siècle’ in 1840. Unusually for Liszt in a secular composition, it is laid out in 4/2 (with a little 3/2 in the introduction), and the first statement of the melody is presented by the left hand alone. The only secondary material is a repeated foot-stamping gesture on a C major chord with trills in both hands; otherwise the theme is subjected to ornamental variation. It is of no small interest to compare this version with the later one, published in 1852 as a ‘nouvelle édition entièrement revue et corrigée par l’auteur’ (how often Liszt used that expression for his second thoughts!), where the note-values—but also the tempo—are halved, the whole thing is more nostalgically viewed, and the coda is largely recomposed.

from notes by Leslie Howard ę 1997

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