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Hyperion Records

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Track(s) taken from CDH55235
Recording details: May 1988
St Peter's Church, Petersham, United Kingdom
Produced by Martin Compton
Engineered by Antony Howell
Release date: January 1990
Total duration: 13 minutes 31 seconds

'Marais' music is full of interest, and the strong contrasting characters of individual movements are well served by the Purcell Quartet' (Which CD)

Suite in E minor
Pièces en trio pour les flûtes, violons et dessus de viole, 1692

Prelude  [2'50]
Rondeau  [1'54]
Menuet  [0'41]
Caprice  [2'42]
Pasacaille  [3'32]

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The harmony throughout the Suite in E minor is intense and sensuous, in marked contrast to the simplicity of the dance structures into which this molten passion is poured. The tension thus created can be electrifying. The structure of these movements is essentially repetitious and is notated in shorthand repeat signs. There is never any suggestion that these are at all optional, and we have observed them all, preferring to include fewer movements complete than more curtailed. This music embodies the values of the society which produced it, where time spent cultivating le bon goût in all forms of culture was not regarded as time wasted. On the contrary, in stark contrast to our own age (where to be busy is to be important, to be wanted), to have time to contemplate and cultivate the beautiful was the goal.

from notes by Richard Boothby © 1989

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