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Hyperion Records

CDS44201/40 - Schubert: The Complete Songs
Recording details: Various dates
Various recording venues
Produced by Various producers
Engineered by Various engineers
Release date: October 2005
Total duration: 2851 minutes 28 seconds


'This would have been a massive project for even the biggest international label, but from a small independent … it is a miracle. An ideal Christmas present offering a lifetime of listening pleasure' (The Mail on Sunday)

'Please give me the complete Hyperion Schubert songs set – all 40 discs –and, in the next life, I promise I'll "re-gift" it to Schubert himself … for Schubertians who failed to acquire many of the individual releases, this new box, weighing in at around £3 per disc, is an indispensable bargain' (Gramophone)

'From Janet Baker and Margaret Price to Lucia Popp and Elly Ameling, Felicity Lott and Christine Brewer to Ian Bostridge and Matthias Goerne—all the great modern lieder singers are here. The result is a blissful no-brainer for all Schubertians' (The Observer)

'This is an archive of glorious Lieder singing as much as it is a definitive treasury of the greatest Lieder ever composed. Those who have collected the discs as they appeared individually need not worry that they are missing anything, but anyone else with the remotest interest in Schubert's songs shouldn't hesitate any longer' (The Guardian)

'This genuinely historic achievement deserves a huge new audience. Don't miss it!' (Classic FM Magazine)

'Bravo to the enterprising British Hyperion label for realising one of the most ambitious projects in recording history … Every serious Schubert lover will want this mid-priced set under his or her holiday tree' (Chicago Tribune)

'This landmark release, recorded over the course of thirteen years, is the magnum opus of the superb pianist and song scholar Graham Johnson, who provides watercolour accompaniments to performances by such singers as Janet Baker, Christine Schäfer, Peter Schreier and Ian Bostridge' (The New Yorker, USA)

The Complete Songs