Hyperion Records

Contact Details
Hyperion Records Limited
PO Box 25, London SE9 1AX, England
Telephone +44 [0]20 8318 1234; fax +44 [0]20 8463 1230

Hyperion Records Limited is a registered company: No 1501587, having its registered offices at
19-20 The Chiltonian Estate, Manor Lane, Lee, London SE12 0TX

For general questions and information about Hyperion Records,
send e-mail to .

Company Accountant LES WATERS
Sales, Export & Advertising Manager MICHAEL SPRING
Head of Production & Website NICK FLOWER
Press Office ANNA KENYON
Copyright and Licensing Manager EDWARD TAYLOR
Booklet Editor TIM PARRY
Accounts Assistant & Telephone Receptionist SUE HAZEL
Warehouse LEE ASTELL

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