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Bruckner, Anton (1824-1896)  
Painting by Ferry Bératon (1859–1900)

Anton Bruckner

born: 4 September 1824
died: 11 October 1896
country: Austria

Anton Bruckner was born in Ansfelden, near Linz, on 4 September 1824, the eldest of five surviving children. He was taught music by his schoolmaster father and later by his godfather. After his father’s death, the boy became a chorister at St Florian, an Augustinian monastery to the south-east of Linz. He later moved to the Upper Austrian capital to study as a teacher and eventually returned to teach at St Florian.

Self-doubt and lack of confidence troubled the talented young musician, who reluctantly auditioned for, and was appointed to, the post of organist at Linz Cathedral. His composition skills were reinforced by prolonged private study of harmony and strict counterpoint, although he still felt ill-prepared to write symphonic works. In 1868 he became professor of harmony, counterpoint and organ at the Vienna Conservatory, and slowly developed his reputation as an outstanding symphonist. Although wounded by adverse criticism, the devoutly religious, deeply insecure Bruckner addressed issues of human existence and the mystery of creation within his nine monumental symphonies. He died in Vienna on 11 October 1896.

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'Bruckner: Mass & Motets' (CDA67629)
Bruckner: Mass & Motets
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'Bruckner: Mass in D minor & Te Deum' (CDH55356)
Bruckner: Mass in D minor & Te Deum
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'Bruckner: Mass in E minor' (CDH55277)
Bruckner: Mass in E minor
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'Bruckner: Mass in F minor & Psalm 150' (CDH55332)
Bruckner: Mass in F minor & Psalm 150
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'Bruckner: Masses' (CDS44071/3)
Bruckner: Masses
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'Bruckner: motets' (CDA66062)
Bruckner: motets
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'Bruckner: Requiem & other sacred music' (CDA66245)
Bruckner: Requiem & other sacred music
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'Bruckner: String Quintet & Intermezzo; Strauss: Capriccio' (CDH55372)
Bruckner: String Quintet & Intermezzo; Strauss: Capriccio
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'Bruckner: Symphony No 3' (CDH55474)
Bruckner: Symphony No 3
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'Bruckner: Symphony No 7' (CDA67916)
Bruckner: Symphony No 7
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'Advent at St Paul's' (CDH55463)
Advent at St Paul's
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'Passiontide at St Paul's' (CDH55436)
Passiontide at St Paul's
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'Rare Piano Encores' (CDH55109)
Rare Piano Encores
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'Strauss: Capriccio; Bruckner: String Quintet & Intermezzo' (CDH55372)
Strauss: Capriccio; Bruckner: String Quintet & Intermezzo
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'The Feast of St Edward at Westminster Abbey' (CDA67586)
The Feast of St Edward at Westminster Abbey
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'The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 1' (HYP12)
The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 1
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'Hyperion monthly sampler – April 2014' (HYP201404)
Hyperion monthly sampler – April 2014
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'Hyperion monthly sampler – May 2014' (HYP201405)
Hyperion monthly sampler – May 2014
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On other labels
'Bruckner: Symphony No 2' (CKD442)
Bruckner: Symphony No 2
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'Bruckner: Symphony No 4' (LSO0716)
Bruckner: Symphony No 4
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'Bruckner: Symphony No 9' (LSO0746)
Bruckner: Symphony No 9
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Aequalis No 1 (Bruckner)
Aequalis No 2 (Bruckner)
Afferentur regi (Bruckner)
Alleluia! Liebe, liebe erfüllt mich  First line to Psalm 114 '116' (Bruckner)
Alleluia! Lobet den Herrn, ihr Diener  First line to Psalm 112 (Bruckner)
Ave Maria (Bruckner)
Christus factus est (Bruckner)
Ecce sacerdos magnus (Bruckner)
Erinnerung (Bruckner)
Hallelujah! Lobet den Herrn in seinem Heiligtum  First line to Psalm 150 (Bruckner)
Intermezzo in D minor (Bruckner)
Inveni David (Bruckner)
Libera me (Bruckner)
Locus iste a Deo factus est (Bruckner)
Mass No 1 in D minor (Bruckner)
Mass No 2 in E minor (Bruckner)
Mass No 3 in F minor (Bruckner)
Os iusti meditabitur (Bruckner)
Pange lingua (Bruckner)
Psalm 112 (Bruckner)
Psalm 114 '116' (Bruckner)
Psalm 150 (Bruckner)
Requiem in D minor (Bruckner)
String Quintet in F major (Bruckner)
Symphony No 2 in C minor (Bruckner/Payne)
Symphony No 3 in D minor 'Wagner Symphony' (Bruckner)
Symphony No 4 in E flat major 'Romantic' (Bruckner)
Symphony No 7 in E major (Bruckner)
Symphony No 9 in D minor (Bruckner)
Te Deum (Bruckner)
Te ergo, quaesumus  Movement 2 of Te Deum (Bruckner)
Tota pulchra es (Bruckner)
Vexilla regis (Bruckner)
Virga Jesse floruit (Bruckner)
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