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Bridge, Frank (1879-1941)  

Frank Bridge

born: 26 February 1879
died: 10 January 1941
country: United Kingdom

Frank Bridge was born in Brighton on 26 February 1879 and died on 10 January 1941. He was one of the finest all-round musicians Britain has had, being a string player of the highest class (playing violin or viola in the best string quartets of the first quarter of the century), a good conductor of both orchestral music and opera, and an excellent teacher. Though his teaching was concerned with string playing he had one composition pupil, Benjamin Britten. He was a competent pianist, occasionally appearing on the concert platform in performances of his songs. All this besides being one of the major composers of his time.

Bridge went to the Royal College of Music in 1896, studying violin and piano. In 1899 he started composition lessons with Stanford. Bridge was primarily interested in instrumental music, particularly chamber music. He had a first-class command of the technique of composition and, being a string player, naturally understood the quartet ‘from the inside’. Until the end of the First World War his idiom was conservative, deriving from Brahms and Stanford but acquiring almost Delian chromatics at times. His music was popular, and he was always able to provide pieces the public could understand and love.

After the war his attitude changed. Bridge came under the influence of Alban Berg, and his music became much more dissonant and almost atonal. This took him beyond the reach of many of his contemporaries, and his popularity declined. Nevertheless, his last two Quartets and the second Piano Trio are major works of this century. It is fascinating to wonder what would have happened if Bridge’s efforts to make Benjamin Britten study with Berg had been successful. But the musical establishment of the time did not approve, and Britten stayed in England.

from notes by Michael Pilkington 1997

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'Elgar: String Quartet; Bridge: Idylls; Walton: String Quartet' (CDH55218)
Elgar: String Quartet; Bridge: Idylls; Walton: String Quartet
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'Walton: String Quartet; Elgar: String Quartet; Bridge: Idylls' (CDH55218)
Walton: String Quartet; Elgar: String Quartet; Bridge: Idylls
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'English Cathedral Music of the 20th Century' (A66018)
English Cathedral Music of the 20th Century
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'A Treasury of English Song' (HYP30)
A Treasury of English Song
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A dead violet (Bridge)
A dirge (Bridge)
Adagio in E major  No 2 of Three Pieces (Bridge)
Adagio in E major  No 2 of Three Pieces, H63 (Bridge)
Adoration (Bridge)
All things that we clasp and cherish (Bridge)
All women born are so perverse  First line to So perverse (Bridge)
Allegro appassionato (Bridge)
An Irish Melody 'The Londonderry Air' (Bridge)
Ask me why I send you here  First line to The primrose (Bridge)
Asleep! O sleep a little while, white pearl!  First line to Adoration (Bridge)
At the last, tenderly  First line to The last invocation (Bridge)
Blow, blow, thou winter wind (Bridge)
Cello Sonata (Bridge)
Cherry Ripe (Bridge)
Come to me in my dreams (Bridge)
Cradle song (Bridge)
Dawn and evening (Bridge)
Dawn awaking hears my calling  First line to Dawn and evening (Bridge)
Day after day (Bridge)
Dear, when I look into thine eyes (Bridge)
Dweller in my deathless dreams (Bridge)
E'en as a lovely flower (Bridge)
Fair daffodils (Bridge)
Far, far from each other (Bridge)
Go not, happy day (Bridge)
Goldenhair (Bridge)
Heart's Ease (Bridge)
I cling and swing  First line to So early in the morning, O: – (Bridge)
If I could choose (Bridge)
Into her keeping (Bridge)
Isobel (Bridge)
It sometimes comes into my head  First line to O that it were so! (Bridge)
Journey's end (Bridge)
Komm, süsser Tod, BWV478 (Bach/Bridge)
Lament for two violas (Bridge)
Lean close thy cheek (Bridge)
Lean out of the window  First line to Goldenhair (Bridge)
Love is a rose (Bridge)
Love went a-riding (Bridge)
Mantle of blue (Bridge)
Music, when soft voices die (Bridge)
My pent-up tears oppress my brain (Bridge)
Night lies on the silent highways (Bridge)
Now that my love lies sleeping  First line to Into her keeping (Bridge)
O that it were so! (Bridge)
O, men from the fields!  First line to Mantle of blue (Bridge)
One thing I'd know  First line to Where is it that our soul doth go? (Bridge)
Pensiero (Bridge)
Phantasie Trio in C minor 'Piano Trio No 1' (Bridge)
Phantasy Piano Quartet in F sharp minor (Bridge)
Piano Quintet, H49a (Bridge)
Piano Trio No 2 (Bridge)
Rough wind, that moanest loud  First line to A dirge (Bridge)
Sally in our alley (Bridge)
She sleeps so lightly, that in trembling fear  First line to Where she lies asleep (Bridge)
Sir Roger de Coverley (Bridge)
So early in the morning, O: – (Bridge)
So perverse (Bridge)
Sonnet 'When most I wink' (Bridge)
Speak to me, my love! (Bridge)
Strew no more red roses (Bridge)
String Quartet No 4, H188 (Bridge)
String Quintet in E minor (Bridge)
String Sextet in E flat major (Bridge)
Tears, idle tears (Bridge)
The Devon maid (Bridge)
The Dew Fairy (Bridge)
The last invocation (Bridge)
The odour from the flower is gone  First line to A dead violet (Bridge)
The primrose (Bridge)
The violets blue (Bridge)
Three Idylls, H67 (Bridge)
Three Pieces (Bridge)
Three Pieces, H63 (Bridge)
Thy hand in mine (Bridge)
'Tis but a week (Bridge)
Violin Sonata (Bridge)
What does little birdie say?  First line to Cradle song (Bridge)
What is the sorrow of the wind, Isobel?  First line to Isobel (Bridge)
What shall I your true love tell? (Bridge)
What will they give me, when journey's done?  First line to Journey's end (Bridge)
When you are old and gray (Bridge)
Where be you going, you Devon maid?  First line to The Devon maid (Bridge)
Where is it that our soul doth go? (Bridge)
Where she lies asleep (Bridge)
Where'er my bitter teardrops fall (Bridge)
You are the evening cloud floating in the sky of my dreams  First line to Dweller in my deathless dreams (Bridge)
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