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Matthews, Colin (b1946)  

Colin Matthews

born: 1946
country: United Kingdom

Colin Matthews was born in London in 1946. He studied music at the Universities of Nottingham and Sussex, where he also taught, and subsequently worked with Benjamin Britten and Imogen Holst. He collaborated with Deryck Cooke on the performing version of Mahler's Tenth Symphony. Since the early 1970s his music has been played widely both in the UK and worldwide, with recordings on Unicorn, Collins Classics and Deutsche Grammophon. From 1992-9 he was Associate Composer with the London Symphony Orchestra, writing amongst other works a Cello Concerto for Rostropovich. In 1997 his choral/orchestral work Renewal was given the Royal Philharmonic Society Award for large-scale composition. His ballet score Hidden Variables opened the Royal Ballet's season in December 1999, and the large-scale ensemble piece Continuum was toured by the BCMG and Sir Simon Rattle. He is currently Composer-in-Association with the Hallé Orchestra and is completing a series of orchestrations of Debussy’s Preludes. His orchestral work Reflected Images was recently premiered by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra under Michael Tilson Thomas, and he is writing a cello concerto for Jan Vogler and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra to be performed at the reopening of the Dresden Frauenkirche in November 2005. June 2005

'Matthews: Pluto; Holst: The Planets' (CDH55350)
Matthews: Pluto; Holst: The Planets
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'Arnold, Britten & Maconchy: Clarinet Concertos' (CDH55060)
Arnold, Britten & Maconchy: Clarinet Concertos
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'Britten: Songs & Proverbs of William Blake' (CDA67778)
Britten: Songs & Proverbs of William Blake
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'Holst: Savitri & The Dream-City' (CDH55042)
Holst: Savitri & The Dream-City
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'Holst: The Planets; Matthews: Pluto' (CDH55350)
Holst: The Planets; Matthews: Pluto
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'Maconchy, Arnold & Britten: Clarinet Concertos' (CDH55060)
Maconchy, Arnold & Britten: Clarinet Concertos
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'Mahler: Songs of Youth' (CDH55160)
Mahler: Songs of Youth
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A Little Music  Part 4 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
Betelgeuse  Part 10 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
Bird Scarer's Song (Anon/Britten/Matthews)
David of the White Rock (Owen/Britten/Matthews)
Die zwei blauen Augen von meinem Schatz  No 4 of Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Mahler)
Envoi  Part 7 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
Ging heut' morgen über's Feld  No 2 of Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Mahler)
Ich hab' ein glühend Messer  No 3 of Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Mahler)
Journey's End  Part 9 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
Lemady (Anon/Britten/Matthews)
Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Mahler)
Life and its follies are fading away  First line to David of the White Rock (Owen/Britten/Matthews)
Movement for clarinet and orchestra (Britten/Matthews)
Neptune – The mystic  Movement 7 of The Planets, H125 Op 32 (Holst/Matthews)
Now in these fairylands  Part 3 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
One midsummer's morn as I were a-walking  First line to Lemady (Anon/Britten/Matthews)
Persephone  Part 1 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
Pluto – The Renewer (Matthews)
Rhyme  Part 8 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
She's like the swallow (Anon/Britten/Matthews)
Shoo all 'er birds you be so black  First line to Bird Scarer's Song (Anon/Britten/Matthews)
The Dream-City  Part 6 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
The Floral Bandit  Part 5 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
The Planets, H125 Op 32 (Holst/Matthews)
Things lovelier  Part 2 of The Dream-City (Holst/Matthews)
Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht  No 1 of Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Mahler)
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