Ronald Corp

born: 1951
country: United Kingdom

Ronald Corp's first major choral work And all the Trumpets Sounded was premiered in 1989 by Highgate Choral Society, who commissioned it, and is published by Stainer and Bell. His cantata Laudamus was premiered at St John’s, Smith Square, in 1994 by the London Choral Society to great critical acclaim and its third performance was given at a Gala concert in the Royal Festival Hall. Sainsbury’s commissioned him to compose a piece for the Farnham Youth Choir, winners in their section of the Sainsbury Choir of the Year Competition. Four Elizabethan Lyrics is published by the Oxford University Press, for whom Ronald Corp is also editing a series of publications for upper voices.

Other compositions include Dover Beach for the BBC Singers and Cornucopia, a major choral work for children’s choir and orchestra, which was commissioned by the National Association of Head Teachers and premiered in Leicester in 1997. The premiere of the Piano Concerto was given by Julian Evans in a New London Orchestra concert in 1997 as part of its ‘British Concertos’ series, and the cantata A New Song was premiered in May 1999. Other performances include the premieres of two major choral works—Mary’s Song for the Beckenham Chorale, and Adonai Echad (The Lord is One) for the Highgate Choral Society’s concert in the 2001 Hampstead and Highgate Festival. In May 2003 the Highgate Choral Society premiered the Missa San Marco in St Mark’s, Venice. Corp also writes many works for community projects such as the New London Orchestra’s Urban Voices in Gospel Oak.


Joy to the World
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