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Bingham, Judith (b1952)  
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Judith Bingham

born: 21 June 1952
country: United Kingdom

Judith Bingham was born in Nottingham in 1952, entering the Royal Academy of Music in 1970 to study composition and singing. At the Academy her teachers were Alan Bush and Eric Fenby. She later undertook further vocal studies with Eric Vietheer and composition with Hans Keller, who exerted a strong influence upon her development. She won the BBC Young Composer Award in 1977. In the years following her graduation from the Royal Academy she pursued her singing career (notably with The BBC Singers between 1983 and 1996), as well as undertaking composition work. Much of her composition output began in the late 1980s. Her work includes Chartres (1988) for orchestra, Passagio—Bassoon Concerto (1998), The Shooting Star (a trumpet concerto, 1998–9), Prague (1991) and The Stars above, the Earth below (1991) for brass band. Since writing these pieces she has undertaken many important commissions and now has a substantial portfolio of works written for voices, including some for liturgical use. She is now one of the most sought-after contemporary British composers.

from notes by William McVicker 2002

'Bingham & Vaughan Williams: Mass' (CDA67503)
Bingham & Vaughan Williams: Mass
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'Bingham: Choral Music' (CDA67909)
Bingham: Choral Music
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'Christmas at St John's Cambridge' (CDA67576)
Christmas at St John's Cambridge
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'Epiphany at St Paul's' (CDH55443)
Epiphany at St Paul's
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'Vaughan Williams & Bingham: Mass' (CDA67503)
Vaughan Williams & Bingham: Mass
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Ave verum corpus (Bingham)
Be with me Lord  First line to The clouded Heaven (Bingham)
Cantate Domino  Canticle 1 of Wells Service (Bingham)
Christmas Past (Bingham)
Corpus Christi Carol (Bingham)
Deep midwinter, the dark centre of the year  First line to Epiphany (Bingham)
Deus misereatur  Canticle 2 of Wells Service (Bingham)
Edington Service (Bingham)
Epiphany (Bingham)
Gloria  Movement 2, 'The rebuilding begins' of Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
God be in my head (Bingham)
God be merciful unto us  First line to Deus misereatur, Canticle 2 of Wells Service (Bingham)
Harvest (Bingham)
Hope  Movement 1 of Christmas Past (Bingham)
Jesum quaeritis Nazarenum (Bingham)
Lamb of God  Movement 4, 'as we forgive them' of Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
Lord, have mercy  Movement 1, 'A wasteland: the ruins of a sacred building' of Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
Magnificat  Canticle 1 of Edington Service (Bingham)
Mass (Bingham)
Midnight  Movement 2 of Christmas Past (Bingham)
Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
Nunc dimittis  Canticle 2 of Edington Service (Bingham)
O sing unto the Lord a new song  First line to Cantate Domino, Canticle 1 of Wells Service (Bingham)
Our faith is a light (Bingham)
Sanctus  Movement 3, 'The consecration of the house' of Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
Summer ends now; now, barbarous in beauty, the stooks arise  First line to Harvest (Bingham)
The clouded Heaven (Bingham)
The Gift  Movement 3 of Christmas Past (Bingham)
The Shepherd (Bingham)
Wells Service (Bingham)
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