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Boccherini, Luigi (1743-1805)  

Luigi Boccherini

born: 19 February 1743
died: 28 May 1805
country: Italy

A virtuoso cellist of the first order, Boccherini often played violin repertoire on the cello, at pitch, a skill he developed by substituting for ailing violinists while touring. This supreme command of the instrument brought him much praise from his contemporaries and is evident in the virtuosic cello parts of his compositions (particularly in the quintets for two cellos, treated often as cello concertos with string quartet accompaniment).

He wrote a large amount of chamber music, including over one hundred string quintets for two violins, viola and two cellos (a type which he pioneered, in contrast with the then common scoring for two violins, two violas and one cello), a dozen guitar quintets, not all of which have survived, nearly a hundred string quartets, and a number of string trios and sonatas (including at least 19 for the cello). His orchestral music includes around 30 symphonies and 12 virtuoso cello concertos.

'Boccherini & Astorga: Stabat mater' (CDA67108)
Boccherini & Astorga: Stabat mater
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'Boccherini: Cello Quintets, Vol. 1' (CDA67287)
Boccherini: Cello Quintets, Vol. 1
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'Boccherini: Cello Quintets, Vol. 2' (CDA67383)
Boccherini: Cello Quintets, Vol. 2
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'Boccherini: Cello Sonatas' (CDH55219)
Boccherini: Cello Sonatas
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'Boccherini: Flute Quintets Op 19' (CDA67646)
Boccherini: Flute Quintets Op 19
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'Boccherini: Four Symphonies' (CDA66904)
Boccherini: Four Symphonies
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'Boccherini: Six Symphonies Op 35' (CDA66903)
Boccherini: Six Symphonies Op 35
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'Boccherini: Symphonies Nos 6, 8 & 14' (CDA66236)
Boccherini: Symphonies Nos 6, 8 & 14
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'Casals Encores' (CDA67831)
Casals Encores
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'Favourite Classics' (CDH55001)
Favourite Classics
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'Favourite Encores for string quartet' (CDH55002)
Favourite Encores for string quartet
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'The Symphony in Europe, 1785' (CDA66156)
The Symphony in Europe, 1785
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'Astorga & Boccherini: Stabat mater' (CDA67108)
Astorga & Boccherini: Stabat mater
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'The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 1' (HYP12)
The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 1
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'The King's Consort Collection' (KING7)
The King's Consort Collection
KING7  Super-budget price sampler — Deleted  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Minuetto – Trio – Minuetto da capo  Movement 3 of String Quintet in E major, G275 (Boccherini)
Quintet for flute and strings in B flat major, G429 (Boccherini)
Quintet for flute and strings in C major, G427 (Boccherini)
Quintet for flute and strings in D major 'Las Parejas', G430 (Boccherini)
Quintet for flute and strings in D major, G428 (Boccherini)
Quintet for flute and strings in E flat major, G425 (Boccherini)
Quintet for flute and strings in G minor, G426 (Boccherini)
Sonata in A major, G4 (Boccherini)
Sonata in B flat major, G565 (Boccherini)
Sonata in C major, G17 (Boccherini)
Sonata in C minor, G2 (Boccherini)
Sonata in E flat major, G10 (Boccherini)
Stabat mater, Op 61 (Boccherini)
String Quintet in B minor, G350 (Boccherini)
String Quintet in C major, G310 (Boccherini)
String Quintet in C major, G349 (Boccherini)
String Quintet in D major, G353 (Boccherini)
String Quintet in E major, G275 (Boccherini)
String Quintet in F minor, G348 (Boccherini)
String Quintet in G minor, G351 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 14 in A major, G498 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 15 in D major, G509 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 16 in E flat major, G510 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 17 in A major, G511 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 18 in F major, G512 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 19 in E flat major, G513 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 20 in B flat major, G514 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 21 in C major, G515 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 23 in D minor, G517 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 24 in A major, G518 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 26 in D major, G520 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 6 in D minor 'La Casa del Diavolo', G506 (Boccherini)
Symphony No 8 in A major, G508 (Boccherini)
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