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John Ward

born: c1589
died: 31 August 1638
country: United Kingdom

'Ward: Sweet Philomel & other madrigals' (CDA66256)
Ward: Sweet Philomel & other madrigals
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'Hyperion monthly sampler – November 2014' (HYP201411)
Hyperion monthly sampler – November 2014
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'Ward: Consort music for five and six viols' (CKD339)
Ward: Consort music for five and six viols
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'Ward: Fantasies & Verse Anthems' (CKD427)
Ward: Fantasies & Verse Anthems
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Come, sable night (Ward)
Cruel unkind (Ward)
Die not, fond man (Ward)
Down, caitiff wretch (Ward)
Fantasia a 4 No 1 (Ward)
Fantasia a 4 No 2 (Ward)
Fantasia a 4 No 3 (Ward)
Fantasia a 4 No 4 (Ward)
Fantasia a 4 No 5 (Ward)
Fantasia a 4 No 6 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 1 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 10 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 11 'Cor mio' (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 12 'Leggiadra sei' (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 13 'Non fu senze' (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 2 'La Rondinella' (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 3 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 4 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 5 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 6 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 7 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 8 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 9 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 1 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 1 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 3 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 4 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 5 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 6 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 7 (Ward)
Hope of my heart (Ward)
How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord (Ward)
I have entreated (Ward)
If heaven's just wrath (Ward)
If the deep sighs (Ward)
In nomine a 5 (Ward)
In nomine a 6 No 1 (Ward)
In nomine a 6 No 2 (Ward)
Let God arise (Ward)
Mount up, my soul (Ward)
My breast I'll set (Ward)
Oft have I tender'd (Ward)
Out from the vale (Ward)
Praise the Lord, O my soul (Ward)
Prayer is an endless chain  Part 2 of Down, caitiff wretch (Ward)
Retire, my troubled soul (Ward)
Sweet Philomel (Ward)
This is a joyful, happy holy day (Ward)
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