Thomas D'Urfey

born: 1653
died: 26 February 1723
country: United Kingdom


Blow & Draghi: Odes for St Cecilia
CDH55257Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
Britten: Complete Purcell Realizations
CDD220582CDs Dyad (2 for the price of 1)
Britten: The Five Canticles
CDH55244Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
Draghi & Blow: Odes for St Cecilia
CDH55257Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
How the world wags – Social Music for a 17th-century Englishman
CDH55013Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
Purcell: Odes, Vol. 1 – Royal and Ceremonial Odes
CDA66314Archive Service; also available on CDS44031/8
Purcell: Odes, Vol. 7 – Yorkshire Feast Song
CDA66587Archive Service; also available on CDS44031/8Download currently discounted
Purcell: Secular solo songs, Vol. 1
CDA66710Archive Service; also available on CDS44161/3
Purcell: Secular solo songs, Vol. 2
CDA66720Last few CD copies remainingDownload currently discounted
Purcell: The Complete Odes & Welcome Songs
CDS44031/88CDs Boxed set (at a special price)
Purcell: The complete secular solo songs
CDS44161/33CDs Boxed set (at a special price)
Sound the Trumpet
CDH55258Helios (Hyperion's budget label) — Archive Service
The James Bowman Collection
This album is not yet available for downloadKING3Super-budget price sampler — Archive Service

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

A Fool's Preferment, or The Three Dukes of Dunstable, Z571 (Purcell/Britten)
Ah Heav'n! what is't I hear?  
And thus by Music's pow'r  
Arise, my muse, Z320 (Purcell)
At first the trumpet's part  
At Winchester was a wedding  
Couch'd by the pleasant Heliconian spring  
Excesses of pleasure now crowd on apace  
Farewell, ye rocks, ye seas and sands, Z463 (Purcell)
High on a throne of glitt'ring ore, Z465 (Purcell)
I'll sail upon the dog-star  
Let the dreadful engines of eternal will  
Music! celestial Music! what can be  
Musing on cares of human fate, Z467 (Purcell)
Of old, when heroes thought it base, Z333 (Purcell)
On the brow of Richmond Hill, Z405 (Purcell)
On the brow of Richmond Hill, Z405 (Purcell/Britten)
The battle done, the loud alarms do cease  
The Comical History of Don Quixote, Z578 (Purcell/Britten)
The glorious day is come (Blow)
The spheres, those instruments divine  
The Winchester Wedding (D'Urfey)
This that blest king and god-like prophet knew