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Alessandro Stradella

born: 3 April 1639
died: 25 February 1682
country: Italy

Stradella was born in the Italian city of Nepi (near Viterbo) on 3 April 1639. His family was a noble one, and included doctors, lawyers and clergymen (one of whom became a bishop).

He was amazingly productive. His more than three-hundred compositions cover all the genres of the period: operas; oratorios; secular, sacred and moral cantatas; prologues and intermezzos; motets and madrigals; incidental music for a spoken play; and sonatas for one or two solo instruments.

On 25 February 1682, for reasons that are still unclear, an assasin thrust a dagger into his back three times and killed him instantly. He was buried in one of the most aristocratic churches of Genoa, Santa Maria delle Vigne, an enormous number of candles were lit for him, and twenty-four masses were to be said for his soul.

from notes by Carolyn Gianturco

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