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Sir John Andrew Stevenson

born: 1761
died: 14 September 1833
country: United Kingdom

'Moore: Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies' (CDA66774)
Moore: Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies
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'The last rose of summer' (CDH55210)
The last rose of summer
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
At the mid hour of night (Anon/Stevenson)
Avenging and bright (Anon/Stevenson)
Believe me if all those endearing young charms (Anon/Moore/Stevenson)
Come o'er the sea (Anon/Stevenson)
Come, rest in this bosom (Anon/Stevenson)
Dear harp of my country 'The Farewell to My Harp' (Anon/Stevenson)
Erin! the smile and the tear in thine eyes (Anon/Stevenson)
Fill the bumper fair! (Anon/Stevenson)
Fly not yet (Anon/Stevenson)
How dear to me the hour (Anon/Stevenson)
How sweet the answer Echo makes (Anon/Stevenson)
Rich and rare were the gems she wore (Anon/Stevenson)
She is far from the land (Anon/Stevenson)
Silent, oh Moyle! be the roar of thy water 'The Song of Fiionnulala' (Anon/Stevenson)
The harp that once, thro' Tara's halls (Anon/Stevenson)
The last rose of summer (Anon/Moore/Stevenson)
The meeting of the waters (Anon/Moore/Stevenson)
The Minstrel-Boy (Anon/Stevenson)
The valley lay smiling before me 'The Song of O'Ruark, Prince of Breffni' (Anon/Stevenson)
'Tis believed that this harp 'The Origin of the Harp' (Anon/Stevenson)
'Tis the last rose of summer (Anon/Stevenson)
What the bee is to the floweret (Anon/Stevenson)
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