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Schnittke, Alfred (1934-1998)  

Alfred Schnittke

born: 24 November 1934
died: 3 August 1998
country: Russia

'Schnittke & Shostakovich: Cello Sonatas' (CDA67534)
Schnittke & Shostakovich: Cello Sonatas
'Schnittke: Chamber Music' (CDA66885)
Schnittke: Chamber Music
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'Schnittke: Choir Concerto & Minnesang' (CDA67297)
Schnittke: Choir Concerto & Minnesang
'Shostakovich & Schnittke: Cello Sonatas' (CDA67534)
Shostakovich & Schnittke: Cello Sonatas
Complete works available for download
Choir Concerto Holst Singers, Stephen Layton (conductor)
Klingende Buchstaben Alban Gerhardt (cello)
Madrigal in memoriam Oleg Kagan Alban Gerhardt (cello)
Minnesang Holst Singers, Stephen Layton (conductor)
Piano Quintet Capricorn
Serenade Capricorn
Sonata for cello and piano No 1 Alban Gerhardt (cello), Steven Osborne (piano)
Three Madrigals Sarah Leonard (soprano), Capricorn
Trio Capricorn
Voices of Nature 'Golosa prirodi' Holst Singers, Rachel Gledhill (vibraphone), Stephen Layton (conductor)
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Choir Concerto (Schnittke)
Fsem tem, kto vniknet  Movement 3 of Choir Concerto (Schnittke)
Klingende Buchstaben (Schnittke)
Love transfered to outer space  First line to Reflection, No 3 of Three Madrigals (Schnittke)
Madrigal in memoriam Oleg Kagan (Schnittke)
Minnesang (Schnittke)
Nous nous sommes  First line to Sur une étoile, No 1 of Three Madrigals (Schnittke)
O Pavitel' sushchevo fsevo  Movement 1 of Choir Concerto (Schnittke)
Piano Quintet (Schnittke)
Sabran'je pesen sikh, gde kazhdyj stikh  Movement 2 of Choir Concerto (Schnittke)
Sej trud, shto natchinal ja s upavan'jem  Movement 4 of Choir Concerto (Schnittke)
Serenade (Schnittke)
Sonata for cello and piano No 1 (Schnittke)
Three Madrigals (Schnittke)
Trio (Schnittke)
Voices of Nature 'Golosa prirodi' (Schnittke)
Zwei Menschen trafen  First line to Entfernung, No 2 of Three Madrigals (Schnittke)
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