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Jonathan Battishill

born: 1738
died: 10 December 1801
country: United Kingdom

'Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 7 79-92' (CDP11007)
Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 7 79-92
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'The English Anthem, Vol. 2' (CDA66519)
The English Anthem, Vol. 2
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'The Psalms of David' (CDS44101/12)
The Psalms of David
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Her foundations are upon the holy hills  First line to Psalm 87 'Fundamenta eius' (Battishill)
My song shall be alway of the loving-kindness of the Lord  First line to Psalm 89 'Misericordias Domini' (Anon/Norris/Russell/Battishill)
O Lord, look down from heaven (Battishill)
Psalm 87 'Fundamenta eius' (Battishill)
Psalm 89 'Misericordias Domini' (Anon/Norris/Russell/Battishill)
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