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Thomas Morley

born: 1557/8
died: 1602
country: United Kingdom

'All in the April Evening' (CDH55243)
All in the April Evening
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'Grainger & Grieg: At twilight' (CDH55236)
Grainger & Grieg: At twilight
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'Musique of Violenze' (CDA66929)
Musique of Violenze
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'My mind to me a kingdom is' (CDA66307)
My mind to me a kingdom is
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'Philips: Consort Music' (CDA66240)
Philips: Consort Music
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On other labels
'A Song of Farewell' (SIGCD281)
A Song of Farewell
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'English Madrigals' (GIMSE403)
English Madrigals
Buy by post £6.75 GIMSE403  Gimell (budget price)  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Funeral sentences (Morley)
Fyer! Fyer! (Morley)
Galliard  Movement 2 of Southerne's Pavan and Galliard (Morley)
Galliard  Movement 2 of Pavan and Galliard (Morley/Philips)
Hark! Alleluia (Morley)
Joyne hands (Morley)
Lachrimae to the Consort (Dowland/Morley)
O mistress mine (Morley/Grainger)
Pavan  Movement 1 of Southerne's Pavan and Galliard (Morley)
Pavan and Galliard (Morley/Philips)
Phyllis, I fain would die now (Morley)
Sacred End Pavan and Galliard (Morley)
See, see, mine own sweet jewel (Morley)
Southerne's Pavan and Galliard (Morley)
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