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Peteris Plakidis

born: 1947
country: Latvia

Peteris Plakidis is an almost exact contemporary of Peteris Vasks and both composers share a strong affinity with the meditative power of nature and the distinct character of Latvian folk music. Like Maskats, Plakidis also studied at the Latvian Academy of Music and went on to work in musical theatre. Since 1974 he has been a professor of composition at the Latvian Academy of Music. His choral music, which includes many arrangements of traditional folk songs, embraces both dramatic expression and lyrical intimacy.

from notes by Rupert Gough © 2013

'Kõrvits: Kreek's Notebook' (CDA67968)
Kõrvits: Kreek's Notebook
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Complete works available for download
Fatamorgana 'Mirage' Royal Holloway Choir, Rupert Gough (conductor)
In memoriam Royal Holloway Choir, Rupert Gough (conductor)
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
All that is good flies heavenwards  First line to In memoriam (Plakidis)
Fatamorgana 'Mirage' (Plakidis)
Ienac mana setina  First line to Meza virinš, No 3 of Fatamorgana 'Mirage' (Plakidis)
In memoriam (Plakidis)
Kas kaiteja man dziedat? –  No 2 of Fatamorgana 'Mirage' (Plakidis)
Meza virinš  No 3 of Fatamorgana 'Mirage' (Plakidis)
Tuksnešu karstos puteklos  No 1 of Fatamorgana 'Mirage' (Plakidis)
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