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Edwin Lemare

born: 9 September 1866
died: 24 September 1934
country: United Kingdom

'Organ Dreams, Vol. 3' (CDA67317)
Organ Dreams, Vol. 3
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'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 11' (CDA67577)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 11
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'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 12' (CDA67612)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 12
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'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 13' (CDA67734)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 13
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'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 14' (CDA67758)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 14
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'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 2' (CDA66258)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 2
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'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 3' (CDA66457)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 3
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'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 4' (CDA66605)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 4
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'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 6' (CDA66778)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 6
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'Organ Fireworks, Vol. 8' (CDA66978)
Organ Fireworks, Vol. 8
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'The Grand Organ of Birmingham Town Hall' (CDA66216)
The Grand Organ of Birmingham Town Hall
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Academic Festival Overture, Op 80 (Brahms/Lemare)
Andantino in D flat 'Moonlight and Roses'  No 2 of Two Organ Pieces, Op 83 (Lemare)
Concert Fantasia, Op 91 (Lemare)
Concert Fantasy on the tune 'Hanover', Op 4 (Lemare)
Concertstück in the form of a Polonaise No 1, Op 80 (Lemare)
Danse macabre, Op 40 (Saint-Saëns/Lemare)
Grand March from Aida (Verdi/Lemare/Herrick)
Marche héroïque in D major, Op 74 (Lemare)
Marche moderne, Op 2 (Lemare)
Overture 'Die Meistersinger' (Wagner/Lemare/Westbrook/Herrick)
Overture to 'Die Meistersinger' (Wagner/Lemare)
Pomp and Circumstance March No 1 in D, Op 39 (Elgar/Lemare)
Scherzo  No 3 of Symphony in G minor, Op 35 (Lemare)
Symphony in G minor, Op 35 (Lemare)
Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Op 98 (Lemare)
Toccata di Concerto, Op 59 (Lemare)
Two Organ Pieces, Op 83 (Lemare)
When Johnny comes marching home (Lemare)
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