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Franz Lehár

born: 30 April 1870
died: 24 October 1948
country: Austria

'European Light Music Classics' (CDH55477)
European Light Music Classics
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'Lehár: Love was a Dream' (CKD346)
Lehár: Love was a Dream
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Beautiful Italy  Aria from Paganini (Lehár)
Beneath the window  Aria from Das Land des Lächelns (Lehár)
Das Land des Lächelns (Lehár)
Die lustige Witwe (Lehár)
Farewell, my love, farewell  Aria from Frasquita (Lehár)
Frasquita (Lehár)
Friederike (Lehár)
Friends, this is the life for me!  Aria from Giuditta (Lehár)
Girls were made to love and kiss  Aria from Paganini (Lehár)
Giuditta (Lehár)
Gold und Silber (Lehár)
Just believe it's true  Aria from Schön ist die Welt (Lehár)
Love unspoken  Aria from Die lustige Witwe (Lehár)
Love was a dream  Aria from Giuditta (Lehár)
Oh maiden, my maiden  Aria from Friederike (Lehár)
Paganini (Lehár)
Patiently smiling  Aria from Das Land des Lächelns (Lehár)
Schön ist die Welt (Lehár)
Vilia  Aria from Die lustige Witwe (Lehár)
You are my heart's delight  Aria from Das Land des Lächelns (Lehár)
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