Hyperion Records

Romolo Bruni

born: ?
country: Italy

'Vivaldi: The Four Seasons' (CDH88012)
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Autumn  No 3 of Sonetti (Vivaldi)
In this harsh sundrenched season  First line to Summer, No 2 of Sonetti (Vivaldi)
Sonetti (Vivaldi)
Spring  No 1 of Sonetti (Vivaldi)
Spring has arrived and joyfully  First line to Spring, No 1 of Sonetti (Vivaldi)
Summer  No 2 of Sonetti (Vivaldi)
The young peasant celebrates with dancing and singing  First line to Autumn, No 3 of Sonetti (Vivaldi)
To tremble frozen in the cold snow  First line to Winter, No 4 of Sonetti (Vivaldi)
Winter  No 4 of Sonetti (Vivaldi)
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