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Henry Lawes

born: 5 January 1596
died: 21 October 1662
country: United Kingdom

'Lawes & Lawes: Songs' (CDA67589)
Lawes & Lawes: Songs
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'Lawes: Sitting by the streams' (CDA66135)
Lawes: Sitting by the streams
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'Lawes & Lawes: Songs' (CDA67589)
Lawes & Lawes: Songs
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'Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 1 1-17' (CDP11001)
Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 1 1-17
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'The Emma Kirkby Collection' (CDA66227)
The Emma Kirkby Collection
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'The Psalms of David' (CDS44101/12)
The Psalms of David
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A Despairing Lover (Lawes)
A Dialogue (Lawes)
A Pastoral Elegie to the memory of deare Brother, William Lawes (Lawes)
A Tale out of Anacreon (Lawes)
Amarillis, by a spring (Lawes)
Amidst the myrtles as I walk  First line to Loves Sweet Repose (Lawes)
Amintor's Welladay (Lawes)
At dead low ebb of night  First line to A Tale out of Anacreon (Lawes)
Cease you jolly shepherds  First line to A Pastoral Elegie to the memory of deare Brother, William Lawes (Lawes)
Chloris now thou art fled away  First line to Amintor's Welladay (Lawes)
Come, sad Turtle, mateless moaning  First line to The Mournful Lovers (Lawes)
Farewell Despairing Hopes, I'll love no more  First line to A Despairing Lover (Lawes)
From the heav'ns now I fly (Lawes)
Hark, shepherd swains (Lawes)
I prithee send me back my heart (Lawes)
In quel gelato core una voce  First line to Tavola (Lawes)
Loves Sweet Repose (Lawes)
Man's life is but vain, for 'tis subject to pain  First line to The Angler's Song (Lawes)
My soul the great God's praises sings (Lawes)
No Reprieve (Lawes)
Now, now Lucasia, now make haste  First line to No Reprieve (Lawes)
O King of Heaven and Hell, of Sea and Earth!  First line to Orpheus' Hymn (Lawes)
O Lord our Governor, how excellent is thy Name in all the world  First line to Psalm 8 'Domine, Dominus noster' (Lawes/Corfe)
Oh sweet woods, the delight of solitariness (Lawes)
Oh, that joy so soon should waste (Lawes)
Orpheus' Hymn (Lawes)
Psalm 8 'Domine, Dominus noster' (Lawes/Corfe)
Sing fair Clorinda (Lawes)
Sitting by the streams (Lawes)
Slide soft, you silver floods (Lawes)
Sweet Echo, sweetest nymph that liv'st unseen (Lawes)
Sweet, stay awhile; why do you rise? (Lawes)
Swift through the yielding air  First line to The Lark (Lawes)
Tavola (Lawes)
The Angler's Song (Lawes)
The Lark (Lawes)
The Mournful Lovers (Lawes)
Thee and thy wondrous deeds (Lawes)
This mossy bank they prest  First line to A Dialogue (Lawes)
When shall I see my captive heart? (Lawes)
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