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Jascha Heifetz

born: 2 February 1901
died: 10 December 1987
country: Lithuania

'Achron: Complete Suites for violin and piano' (CDA67841)
Achron: Complete Suites for violin and piano
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'Dohnányi & Janáček: Violin Sonatas' (CDA67699)
Dohnányi & Janáček: Violin Sonatas
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'Rachmaninov: Violin Sonata & other works' (SIGCD164)
Rachmaninov: Violin Sonata & other works
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Birdies: Moderato (after Op 57 No 12)  No 3 of Children's Suite (Achron/Heifetz)
Children's Suite (Achron/Heifetz)
Études-tableaux, Op 33 (Rachmaninov/Heifetz)
Jumping with tongue out: Allegro grazioso (after Op 57 No 2)  No 1 of Children's Suite (Achron/Heifetz)
Mamma, tell a fairy tale: Allegretto (after Op 57 No 4)  No 5 of Children's Suite (Achron/Heifetz)
March of Toys: Marciale (after Op 57 No 10)  No 4 of Children's Suite (Achron/Heifetz)
Orchestral Suite No 1 in F sharp minor, Op 19 (Dohnányi/Heifetz)
Oriental sketch (Rachmaninov/Heifetz)
Parade with presents: Alla marcia (after Op 57 No 20)  No 8 of Children's Suite (Achron/Heifetz)
Preludes, Op 32 (Rachmaninov/Heifetz)
Romanza: Andante poco moto  Movement 3 of Orchestral Suite No 1 in F sharp minor, Op 19 (Dohnányi/Heifetz)
Sleep, my puppy: Andantino (after Op 57 No 11)  No 2 of Children's Suite (Achron/Heifetz)
Songs, Op 21 (Rachmaninov/Heifetz)
The Caravan: Lento (after Op 57 No 18)  No 7 of Children's Suite (Achron/Heifetz)
The Top: Allegro (after Op 57 No 8)  No 6 of Children's Suite (Achron/Heifetz)
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