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Jackson, Gabriel (b1962)  
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Gabriel Jackson

born: 10 July 1962
country: United Kingdom

Gabriel Jackson was born in Bermuda in 1962. After three years as a chorister at Canterbury Cathedral he studied composition at the Royal College of Music, first in the Junior Department with Richard Blackford and later with John Lambert, gaining his BMus in 1983. While at the College he was awarded the R O Morris Prize for Composition in 1981 and 1983 and in 1981 he also won the Theodore Holland Award. In 1992 he was awarded an Arts Council Bursary. Particularly acclaimed for his choral works, his liturgical pieces are in the repertoires of many of Britain’s leading cathedral and collegiate choirs and in 2003 he won the liturgical category at the inaugural British Composer Awards. Recent premieres include a forty-part motet Sanctum est verum lumen (2005) for the Lichfield Festival, a Piano Sonata (2007) for David Wilde, Aeterna caeli gloria (2007) for the Festival of St Cecilia at Westminster Abbey, Ave, regina caelorum (2008) for choir and electric guitar, commissioned by Tom Kerstens and The Sixteen for the opening of Kings Place in London, The Spacious Firmament for choir, brass and organ, and The Spacious Firmament 2: Yet we who neither burn nor shine for choir and trumpet (both commissioned by the John Armitage Memorial in 2008) and an extended a cappella Requiem (2008) for the Vasari Singers, which combines settings of the Latin Ordinary with funereal texts from other cultures and spiritual traditions.

from notes by Stephen Johnson 2009

'Jackson: A ship with unfurled sails & other choral works' (CDA67976)
Jackson: A ship with unfurled sails & other choral works
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'Jackson: Not no faceless Angel & other choral works' (CDA67708)
Jackson: Not no faceless Angel & other choral works
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'Hymns to Saint Cecilia' (CDA68047)
Hymns to Saint Cecilia
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'Dreamland' (HYP41)
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A ship with unfurled sails (Jackson)
Aeterna caeli gloria (Jackson)
Angeli, archangeli (Jackson)
Another photograph to put on a shelf  First line to Not no faceless Angel (Jackson)
Ave Maria (Jackson)
Ave regina caelorum (Jackson)
Cecilia Virgo (Jackson)
Crystal points tug on million year filaments  First line to Lux mortuorum (Jackson)
Hear the voice of the Bard  First line to The Voice of the Bard (Jackson)
Honor, virtus et potestas  First line to Hymn to the Trinity (Jackson)
Hymn to the Trinity (Jackson)
I am in need of music that would flow  First line to La musique (Jackson)
I gaze upon you and the sun grows large  First line to Song 'I gaze upon you' (Jackson)
La musique (Jackson)
Lux mortuorum (Jackson)
Missa Triueriensis (Jackson)
Not no faceless Angel (Jackson)
Now I have known, O Lord (Jackson)
O Doctor optime (Jackson)
O holy virgin! clad in purest white  First line to To Morning (Jackson)
O sacrum convivium (Jackson)
Orbis patrator optime (Jackson)
Salve regina (Jackson)
Salve regina 2 (Jackson)
Sanctum est verum lumen (Jackson)
Song 'I gaze upon you' (Jackson)
The Voice of the Bard (Jackson)
Thomas gemma Cantuarie primula  First line to Thomas, Jewel of Canterbury (Jackson)
Thomas, Jewel of Canterbury (Jackson)
To Morning (Jackson)
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