Hyperion Records

Will Kemp

born: ?
died: ?
country: United Kingdom

'The English Stage Jig' (CDA67754)
The English Stage Jig
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Blind Cupid hath made my heart for to bleed (Wife/Simpkin)  First line to The Crost Couple, Part 1 of Singing Simpkin (Kemp)
Prince Rupert's March  Part 2 of Singing Simpkin (Kemp)
Singing Simpkin (Kemp)
The Crost Couple  Part 1 of Singing Simpkin (Kemp)
There is a Royster at the door (Servant/Simpkin/Wife/Bluster/Old Husband  First line to Prince Rupert's March, Part 2 of Singing Simpkin (Kemp)
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