Charles Ives

born: 20 October 1874
died: 19 May 1954
country: USA


Ives & Barber: Piano Sonatas
Ives: A Song - For Anything
Ives: Romanzo di Central Park & other songs
Ives: Symphonies Nos 1 & 4
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Ives: Symphonies Nos 2 & 3
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Ives: Symphonies Nos 2 & 3
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Barber & Ives: Piano Sonatas
From the Steeples and the Mountains
CDH55018Helios (Hyperion's budget label)
Sure on this shining night
The Sea
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Complete works available for download

'1, 2, 3'Gerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
A Christmas CarolGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
A Night SongGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
A Song – For AnythingGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
AllegroGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Ann StreetGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
At the RiverGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
BerceuseGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Charlie RutlageGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Down EastGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Du alte MutterGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
ÉlégieGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
EveningGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
EvidenceGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
FeldeinsamkeitGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
From the Steeples and the MountainsLondon Gabrieli Brass Ensemble, Christopher Larkin (conductor)
General William Booth Enters into HeavenGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Ich grolle nichtGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
IlmenauGerald Finley (baritone)
In Flanders fieldsGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
In Flanders fieldsRobin Tritschler (tenor), Malcolm Martineau (piano)
In the AlleyGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Like a sick eagleGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Memories A 'Very Pleasant' & B 'Rather Sad'Gerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
MistsGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
My native landGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Omens and OraclesGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
On the CounterGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Piano Sonata No 2 'Concord'Marc-André Hamelin (piano)
PremonitionsGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Processional. Let there be LightLondon Gabrieli Brass Ensemble, Christopher Larkin (conductor)
RemembranceGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Romanzo, di Central ParkGerald Finley (baritone), Magnus Johnston (violin), Julius Drake (piano)
SerenityGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Slow MarchGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Slugging a VampireGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Songs my mother taught meGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
SwimmersGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
SwimmersSir Thomas Allen (baritone), Roger Vignoles (piano)
The CageGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The Children's HourGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The Circus BandGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The CollectionRobert White (tenor), Samuel Sanders (piano)
The Greatest ManGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The Housatonic at StockbridgeGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The Last ReaderGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The Light that is FeltGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The New RiverGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The See'rGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The Side ShowGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The Side ShowRobert White (tenor), Samuel Sanders (piano)
The South WindGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The Things our Fathers LovedGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
The World's WanderersGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
They are there!Gerald Finley (baritone), Magnus Johnston (violin), Julius Drake (piano)
ThoreauGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Those evening bellsGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
To EdithGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
ToleranceGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Tom Sails AwayGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Two Little Flowers, and dedicated to themGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
WalkingGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Watchman!Gerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Weil' auf mirGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
West LondonGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
When stars are in the quiet skiesGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Where the eagleGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Yellow LeavesGerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

'1, 2, 3' (Ives)
A big October morning  
A Christmas Carol (Ives)
A leopard went around his cage  
A Night Song (Ives)
A Song – For Anything (Ives)
A sound of a distant horn  
A tender child of summers three  
All summer long, we boys  
Allegro (Ives)
An old man with a straw in his mouth  
Ann Street (Ives)
Another good cowpuncher has gone to meet his fate  
At the River (Ives)
Berceuse (Ives)
Between the dark and the daylight  
Booth led boldly with his big bass drum  
By morning's brightest beams  
Central Park in the Dark (Ives)
Charlie Rutlage (Ives)
Contented river in thy dreamy realm  
Crouch’d on the pavement close by Belgrave Square  
Down East (Ives)
Down the river comes a noise!  
Du alte Mutter (Ives)
Élégie (Ives)
Evening (Ives)
Evidence (Ives)
Feldeinsamkeit (Ives)
From the Steeples and the Mountains (Ives)
General William Booth Enters into Heaven (Ives)
General William Booth Enters into Heaven (Ives/Becker)
He grew in those seasons like corn in the night  
Heart-shaped yellow leaves  
How can I turn from any fire?  
I closed and drew, but not a gun  
I sometimes sit beneath a tree  
I think there must be a place in the soul  
Ich grolle nicht (Ives)
Ich ruhe still im hohen grünen Gras  
Ilmenau (Ives)
In Flanders fields (Ives)
In the Alley (Ives)
Is that Mister Riley, who keeps the hotel?  
Like a sick eagle (Ives)
Little Star of Bethlehem!  
Low lie the mists  
Memories A 'Very Pleasant' & B 'Rather Sad' (Ives)
Mists (Ives)
My native land (Ives)
My teacher said us boys should write  
Now came still Evening on, and Twilight gray  
Now help us Lord, thy yoke to wear  
Ô doux printemps d’autrefois, vertes saisons  
O have mercy Lord on me  
O Sabbath rest of Galilee!  
O’er the mountain towards the west  
Omens and Oracles (Ives)
On my way to work one summer day  
On sunny days in our backyard  
On the Counter (Ives)
One evening just at sunset we laid him in the grave  
Phantoms of the future, spectres of the past  
Piano Sonata No 2 'Concord' (Ives)
Premonitions (Ives)
Processional. Let there be Light (Ives)
Quaint name –  
Remembrance (Ives)
Romanzo, di Central Park (Ives)
Scenes from my childhood are with me  
Serenity (Ives)
Shall we gather at the river  
Slow March (Ives)
Slugging a Vampire (Ives)
So like a flower, thy little four-year face in its pure freshness  
Songs my mother taught me (Ives)
Songs! Visions of my homeland  
Swimmers (Ives)
Symphony No 1 (Ives)
Symphony No 2 (Ives)
Symphony No 3 'The Camp Meeting' (Ives)
Symphony No 4 (Ives)
Tell me, Star, whose wings of light  
The Cage (Ives)
The Children's Hour (Ives)
The Circus Band (Ives)
The Collection (Ives)
The Greatest Man (Ives)
The Housatonic at Stockbridge (Ives)
The Last Reader (Ives)
The Light that is Felt (Ives)
The New River (Ives)
The See'r (Ives)
The Side Show (Ives)
The South Wind (Ives)
The spirit is too weak – mortality  
The the swift plunge into the cool green dark  
The Things our Fathers Loved (Ives)
The World's Wanderers (Ives)
The young May moon is beaming, love  
Then the swift plunge into the cool green dark  
There comes o'er the valley a shadow  
There's a shadow on the grass  
There's a time in many a life  
They are there! (Ives)
Thoreau (Ives)
Those evening bells (Ives)
To Edith (Ives)
Tolerance (Ives)
Tom Sails Away (Ives)
Tunes we heard in 'ninety two', soft and sweet  
Two Little Flowers, and dedicated to them (Ives)
Über allen Gipfeln  
Walking (Ives)
Watchman! (Ives)
We’re sitting in the opera house  
Weil' auf mir (Ives)
West London (Ives)
When gently blows the South Wind  
When stars are in the quiet skies (Ives)
Where the eagle (Ives)
Why doesn’t one, two, three  
Yellow Leaves (Ives)