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Chilcott, Bob (b1955)  

Bob Chilcott

born: 9 April 1955
country: United Kingdom

'Chilcott: Requiem & other choral works' (CDA67650)
Chilcott: Requiem & other choral works
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'A Christmas Caroll from Westminster Abbey' (CDA67716)
A Christmas Caroll from Westminster Abbey
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'Dreamland' (HYP41)
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'Kern: The Light Blues sing Jerome Kern' (A66128)
Kern: The Light Blues sing Jerome Kern
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'Postcards' (SIGCD393)
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
All the things you are (Kern/Chilcott)
Arrirang (Anon/Chilcott)
Can I forget you, or will my heart remind me? (Kern/Chilcott)
Dearly beloved (Kern/Chilcott)
Don't ever leave me (Kern/Chilcott)
Downing Service (Chilcott)
Feller from Fortune (Anon/Chilcott)
Go, little boat (Kern/Chilcott)
Hail, star of the sea most radiant (Chilcott)
I am the heart that houses the cone  First line to Jesus, springing (Chilcott)
I bring you my body, darling dear  First line to The Nine Gifts (Chilcott)
I sing of a mayden (Chilcott)
I won't dance (Kern/Chilcott)
Iesus! Christus! Iesus! Natus!  First line to Pilgrim Jesus (Chilcott)
I've told ev'ry little star (Kern/Chilcott)
Jesus, springing (Chilcott)
Let's begin (Kern/Chilcott)
Lovely tear of lovely eye (Chilcott)
Magnificat  Canticle 1 of Downing Service (Chilcott)
Nunc dimittis  Canticle 2 of Downing Service (Chilcott)
Oh, there’s lots of fish in Bonavist’ harbour  First line to Feller from Fortune (Anon/Chilcott)
Pilgrim Jesus (Chilcott)
Requiem (Chilcott)
Smoke gets in your eyes (Kern/Chilcott)
The folks who live on the hill (Kern/Chilcott)
The last time I saw Paris (Kern/Chilcott)
The Nine Gifts (Chilcott)
The Shepherd's Carol (Chilcott)
The way you look tonight (Kern/Chilcott)
Tuoll’ on mun kultani (Anon/Chilcott)
We stood on the hills, Lady  First line to The Shepherd's Carol (Chilcott)
When to the temple Mary went (Chilcott)
Who stole my heart away? (Kern/Chilcott)
Why was I born? (Kern/Chilcott)
Yesterdays/They didn't believe me (Kern/Chilcott)
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